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With our experience and knowledge in this industry we will help you grow and support you in building your coffee business.

We are local to Central Queensland and love fresh bean coffee and the coffee culture in this region

Starting a new coffee business or just looking for a coffee bean change?


We distribute for globally recognised coffee brands and work together with coffee equipment suppliers like La Marzocca and Wega to ensure that our customers are provided with the best of the espresso machines on the market and have the expertise and knowledge to service everything we offer.


Your equipment is regularly maintained and kept running smoothly by our specialist tech support team and we deliver weekly and will always look after you if you run out of a product, especially coffee. We are knowledgeable on new industry products and will continually offer these to you to compliment your coffee business. 


Your coffee is only as good as your barista this why we endeavour to pass on our wisdom and knowledge of the industry, with barista training. We understand that making every cup the perfect cup keeps customers coming back for more. 

​Check out below the customer benefits of being part of the Coffee of Capricorn team.


We offer wholesale pricing for cafes and restaurants with the advantages of being a Coffee of Capricorn customer including;

  • Free on loan coffee machines and grinders 

  • amazing range of premium coffee beans and all associated products - one stop shop. 

  • Free labour on scheduled equipment servicing

  • Barista training on site or at our regular coffee sessions held at our warehouse and tasting rooms

  • Custom branding of your coffee beans 

  • We call you for your orders and offers on specials and products. 

  • Free weekly delivery of products through out central Queensland. ​

  • Ongoing technical support + service with a 1800 number for trouble shootings.

  • After hours technical support.

  • Marketing and promotional support.  

rocks logo.jpg

Rocks Cafe Yeppoon Lagoon

Great supportive local company from set up to ongoing service, it was important for us to have and support a local company,  from the initial setup of the café from the start has been invaluable with coffee machine set up, barista training of staff and on-going technical support and of course our amazing Two Seasons coffee blend that has kept our customers coming back for more !

Julie Chapman, Manager


Great Keppel Hideaway

GKI Island

Island coffee has been so great with the introduction of Di Manfredi coffee – we have many guests and day guest who are all enjoying this exclusive blend. Coffee of Capricorn has worked with us and our staff in providing amazing coffee ever time - it’s a challenge with our staffing and location but their support and dedication to our coffee business on the island had been a success. We also get some great fruit purees for our cocktail bar and loved the Expresso Martini night we ran together. 

Sarah & Michelle- _from the _Raglan Tave

Mark Hayes

Community Solutions

These guys know their stuff and in a unique and boutique training set up, learning all things coffee, commercial machines and what it takes to be a part of this industry - this course is a must for all ages and levels and anyone looking to get Barista ready

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